Headed into 2017

When I took down the Christmas decorations this year, I wrote a letter to myself and tucked it in with the decorations to be read next year when I haul all that stuff out again.  I got the idea from a post on Facebook, and since the putting up and taking down of the holiday decorations frames my year and causes me to reflect I thought it would be interesting next year to see what was going on in my life and how I was feeling.  It’s the unfiltered, not safe for the internet version and I keep thinking that if something happens to me this year, whoever ends up with the Christmas boxes is going to be in for an earful.

The overall state of our country and the world in general has me feeling very pessimistic about the coming year, but on a personal note I’m feeling slightly optimistic about our future.  I am slowly inching my way through school.  Each semester brings me a little closer to being done.  I’m narrowing down the choices for finishing and I think once I have a definite start and finish date for nursing school I feel a little less anxious about it.

Over Christmas break we went to Virginia and while I was there I visited Jefferson College of Health Sciences with the intention of applying and starting their second degree BSN program.  While I would love to go that route I also realized that it would be next to impossible to do.  The program would cost me $45,000, and I wouldn’t receive aid because I would technically be coming from out of state.  I could move to Virginia work for a year to (re)establish my residency and then start.  But the job prospects just aren’t there.   So while I would love to be back in Virginia as soon as possible, the right decision appears to be staying in Michigan, finishing school here and then moving back.

Right now I am focusing on the Associate degree program at MCC, but still considering the second degree BSN program from GVSU as an option.  Later this week I’m meeting with an adviser at MCC, hopefully after that I will have a better idea of when I can start the program.  If it’s going to be a year or more out I may use that time to focus on the GVSU program.  And then the other day I got this crazy idea.  I’d focus on the MCC program, and then as soon as I finish start working as an RN.  Not getting my BSN is not an option so even if I do go the route of ADN first, I’ll start on an RN to BSN program as soon as I can.  The crazy idea part is that at the same time I do that I’ll finish off a second degree in either Biomedical Sciences or Medical Laboratory Sciences.  I know, kind of crazy but not impossible.  The “why” of the second degree goes beyond the scope of this blog post, so I’ll table it and maybe come back to it another day.

So anyway… 2017 looks like the year I’ll figure out which nursing program I’m doing and hopefully maybe even start.

For the first time in a number of years I made several New Year’s Resolutions.  I typically make some sort of general resolutions of things I would like to focus on in the coming year, but this year I made concrete, measurable goals.  I had Annelise do the same only for her they are more like a list of things she wants to do this year.  We put them in our memory jar for 2017, so when we empty it out on New Year’s Eve this year we’ll see if we accomplished our goals.

Last year was the first year we did a memory jar (another idea I pulled off of Facebook).  Every Sunday night we sit down together and write our favorite memory from that week and then put it in a jar.  I also had her write her name on each of hers so I could see how much her hand writing improved over the year.  We had fun opening the jar on New Year’s Eve and recalling all of our favorite times.  We had a very laid back New Years.  It’s kind of like that now.  I think Annelise’s first NYE was the only one we did anything for.  Now if I do something its earlier in the evening and we’re home and at least she’s in bed long before midnight.  I think next year I may let her stay up until midnight and celebrate the actual event.

Our Christmas was also low key and very lovely.  It was the first Christmas it was just Annelise and I for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I was nervous that it might feel kind of lonely but it was actually really nice.  My parents,  sister and nephews joined us for dinner so we did have some extended family time and then the day after Christmas we got together with all of my sisters and their families.

One of my resolutions was to blog more frequently.  I initially set a goal of every week, then decided that every other week was more practical but seeing as it’s the third week of the year and I’m just now getting out a post I obviously have some work to do.

Hopefully you all had a great Holiday Season and I look forward to sharing 2017 with you.


3 thoughts on “Headed into 2017

  1. Love the pictures and your ideas about memories and taking note of where you are year to year. I definitely want to borrow those… Psyched for your clarity and movement forward on your career plan. If it’s “easy” or fairly easy to get an RN job, the RN to BSN option might work out really well! I’m not sure what the job market is in your area, but in the Bay Area there seem to be quite a few openings: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/search/sfc/jjj?query=RN
    A couple I looked at didn’t seem to require much experience, either.
    Sending good thoughts and I look forward to hearing how your advising meeting goes.


  2. Your journey is inspiring and your daughter is so beautiful. I hope you don’t mind if I use your old page as a jumping-off point to find the other SMC blogs that I follow. I do enjoy your updates and hope you will keep them coming! Good luck with your big decisions this year.


    1. That’s one of the reasons I keep it up. I still use it as my jumping off point to connect with other SMC bloggers. I didn’t want to recreate it here because I know a lot of the readers here aren’t Choice Moms. I wish I was motivated enough to keep both blogs going, but I barely have time for this one. I do hope some of my old readers stay connected here.


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